Get XLMiner for your course

The textbook uses XLMiner software throughout. Here’s how to get it for your course.

For Instructors: Setting Up the Course Code

To set up a course code for your course, please email Frontline Systems at, or call 775-831-0300, press 0, and ask for the Academic Coordinator. Course codes MUST be renewed each semester.

The course code is free, and it can usually be issued within 24 to 48 hours (often the same day). It will enable your students to download and install XLMiner® for Education with a 140 day license, and will enable Frontline Systems to assist students with installation, and provide technical support to you during the course.

Please give the course code, plus the instructions below, to your students. If you’re evaluating the book for adoption, you can use the course code yourself to download and install the software as described below.

For Students: Installing XLMiner® for Education

1) To download and install XLMiner® for Education from Frontline Systems, to work with Microsoft Excel® for Windows, please visit:

2) Fill out the registration form on this page, supplying your name, school, email address (key information will be sent to this address), Course Code (obtain this from your instructor), and Textbook Code (enter SDMBI3).

3) On the download page, change 32-bit to 64-bit ONLY if you’ve confirmed that you have 64-bit Excel® (see below). Click the Download Now button, and save the downloaded file (SolverSetup.exe or SolverSetup64.exe).

4) Close any Excel® windows you have open.

5) Run SolverSetup/SolverSetup64 to install the software. When prompted, enter the installation password and the license activation code contained in the email sent to the address you entered on the form above. If you have problems downloading or installing, please email or call 775-831-0300 and press 4 (tech support). Say that you have XLMiner® for Education, and have your course code and textbook code available.

If you have problems setting up or solving your model, or interpreting the results, please ask your instructor for assistance. Frontline Systems cannot help you with homework problems.

• If you purchase this textbook but you aren’t enrolled in a course, call 775-831-0300 and press 0 for assistance with the software.

​​​• If you purchased the e-book edition, contact with some form of ‘proof of purchase’, and mention the book title ("Data Mining for Business Intelligence" or "Data Mining for Business Analytics").

• If you have a Mac, you’ll need to install ‘‘dual-boot’’ or VM software, Microsoft Windows®, and Office® or Excel® for Windows® first. Excel® for Mac will NOT work. For more information see

• For Excel® 2007, always download SolverSetup. In Excel® 2010, choose File > Help and look in the lower right. In Excel® 2013 and Excel® 2016, choose File > Account > About Excel® and look at the top of the dialog. Download SolverSetup64 ONLY if you see ‘‘64-bit’’ displayed.