Errata (Python Edition)

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Chap 3, Fig 3.6 Right panel bar charts should not use multiple colors 
Chap 5, Fig 5.2 code update:
Chap 5, p. 140 should be: "As we increase the cutoff value 1-alpha from 0 to 1..."
Chap 5, mid p. 147 should be: "we see that taking 10% of the records ... selection of 10% of the records."
Chap 5, Fig 5.10, 5.11 "Classify as 'x'" should be at bottom and "Classify as 'o'" should be at top
Chap 10, eq. (10.8) in denominator, the first term in exponent, 6.04892 should not have a minus sign
Chap 10, Fig 10.3 code update for Fig 10.3:
Chap 11, pp. 297-298 (twice) MLPCRegressor()  should be MLPRegressor()
Chap 12, problem 12.3 d+e should be "Compute the intercept of the classification function"
Chap 14, Table 14.12 should be: "print('Top-4 recommended items for each user')"
Chap 14, problem 14.3 replace "You will get a Null matrix." with "All recommendations will be 1."
Chap 17, Fig 17.1 code replace "# shorter and longer time series" with "# plot the time series"
Chap 17, Fig 17.7 add to end of caption: "Autocorrelation plot for lags 1--12 (for first 24 months of Amtrak ridership, 95% confidence region is blue shaded)"
Chap 17, p. 436 add clarification after "is at lag 6 and is negative (exceeding the 95% confidence interval). Autocorrelations that fall outside the confidence interval point to possible model improvement."
Chap 19, mid p. 481 should be "by the number of all possible shortest paths between the other nodes (n-1)(n-2)/2"
Chap 21, case 21.1, p. 521 should be: "The full set of 16 predictors in the dataset"
Chap 21, case 21.2 should be: "Use this vector to create a cumulative gains chart for the validation set that incorporates the net profit."
Chap 21, case 21.5, p. 536 In second bullet, delete sentence "The data file contains... date/time field"
Chap 21, case 21.6, p. 536 should be "such as cases where NaN is indicated?