Datasets Download (R and Python Editions)

Description of the datasets: Data Dictionary

R edition: a zip file containing all the datasets is available at the very bottom.

Python edition: a zip file containing all the datasets is available here.

Users of the Indian Adaptation: If you are using the Indian R edition (Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in R, An Indian Adaptation, ISBN 9789390421701), you may email Prof. O.P. Wali for inquiries at As a courtesy, we provide a link to the datasets provided for the Indian edition by Prof. Wali: Files for Indian adaptation)

File accidents.csv Partial dataset (n=600) used in chapter 1218.83 KB
File Accidents.xlsx Full dataset with column descriptions (n=42183) used in chapter 84.26 MB
File AccidentsFull.csv Full dataset (n=42183) used in chapter 81.97 MB
File accidentsnn.csv Partial dataset (n=999) used in chapter 11 example10.78 KB
File AdSales.csv108 bytes
File Airfares.csv85.14 KB
File Amtrak.csv3.26 KB
File ApplianceShipments.csv299 bytes
File AustralianWines.csv6.24 KB
Package icon AutoAndElectronics.zip2.1 MB
File banks.csv461 bytes
File Bankruptcy.csv16.71 KB
File BareggTunnel.csv15.15 KB
File BathSoapHousehold.csv142.57 KB
File bicup2006.csv26.39 KB
File BostonHousing.csv32.11 KB
File CanadianWorkHours.csv427 bytes
File CatalogCrossSell.csv1.29 MB
File Cereals.csv4.94 KB
File CharlesBookClub.csv230.37 KB
File Cosmetics.csv32.26 KB
File courserating.csv292 bytes
File Coursetopics.csv6.12 KB
File DepartmentStoreSales.csv247 bytes
File drug.csv4.45 KB
File EastWestAirlinesCluster.csv153.49 KB
File EastWestAirlinesNN.csv219.58 KB
File eBayAuctions.csv79.53 KB
File eBayNetwork.csv5.69 KB
File EbayTreemap.csv554.83 KB
File Faceplate.csv199 bytes
File farm-ads.csv9.17 MB
File fiftytransactions.csv1.14 KB
File FlightDelays.csv132.79 KB
File Fundraising.csv221.79 KB
File FutureFundraising.csv130.02 KB
File gdp.csv20.07 KB
File GermanCredit.csv70.31 KB
File Hair-Care-Product.csv301.6 KB
File LaptopSales.csv25.45 MB
File LaptopSalesJanuary2008.csv784.66 KB
File liftexample.csv303 bytes
File NaturalGasSales.csv283 bytes
File NYPD_Motor_Vehicle_Collisions_1000.csv225.18 KB
File ownerExample.csv391 bytes
File Pharmaceuticals.csv1.89 KB
File RidingMowers.csv437 bytes
File SC-US-students-GPS-data-2016.csv29.87 KB
File SCOM-cust-list-non-US-lat-long.csv117.29 KB
File Sept11Travel.csv7.1 KB
File ShampooSales.csv517 bytes
File SouvenirSales.csv1.53 KB
File SP500.csv1.72 KB
File spambase.csv686.8 KB
File SystemAdministrators.csv797 bytes
File Tayko.csv117.32 KB
File Taxi-cancellation-case.csv1010.47 KB
File TinyData.csv131 bytes
File ToyotaCorolla.csv222.87 KB
File ToysRUsRevenues.csv328 bytes
File UniversalBank.csv206.92 KB
File Universities.csv124.04 KB
File Utilities.csv1.05 KB
File Veerhoven.csv3.47 KB
File Voter-Persuasion.csv1.76 MB
File WalMartStock.csv4.3 KB
File WestRoxbury.csv291.25 KB
File Wine.csv11.19 KB
Package icon DMBA-R-datasets.zip9.9 MB