XLMiner Software

To facilitate hands-on data mining experience, Data Mining for Business Analytics comes bundled with access to XLMiner, a comprehensive data mining add-in for Excel.

Book owners: see instructions for obtaining XLMiner.

For those familiar with Excel, the use of an Excel add-in dramatically shortens the software learning curve. XLMiner will help you get quickly started on data mining, and offers a variety of methods for analyzing data. The illustrations, exercises and cases in this book are written in relation to this software. XLMiner has extensive coverage of statistical and data mining techniques for classification, prediction, affinity analysis, and data exploration and reduction. It offers a variety of data mining tools: neural nets, classification and regression trees, k-nearest neighbor classification, naive Bayes, logistic regression, multiple linear regression, and discriminant analysis, all for predictive modeling.

It provides for automatic partitioning of data into training, validation and test samples, and for the deployment of the model to new data. It also offers association rules, principal components analysis, k-means clustering and hierarchical clustering, as well as visualization tools, and data handling utilities. With its short learning curve, affordable price, and reliance on the familiar Excel platform, it is an ideal companion to a book on data mining for the business student.